A Sense of Place and a Love of Maps

Nancy Milholland

I’m fascinated by how geography influences culture, history, and decision making. I love seeing how spatial data tells a story. Data visualization and geospatial analysis leads to new insights and questions.

After a number of years in the software industry, I decided to pursue a Master’s of Science degree in Geographic Information Systems Technology, also known as Spatial Science at the University of Southern California. I recently defended my thesis, “Exploring San Francisco’s Treasures: Mashing Up Public Art, Social Media, and Volunteered Geographic Information to Create a Dynamic Guide.” The web application, a guide to San Francisco public art, can be found at www.sfpublicart.com.

My interests include:

  • Social Media and VGI (Volunteered Geographic Information)
  • Neo-geography/ citizen mapping
  • Geospatial analysis and access to health care
  • mobile maps and applications for iOS and Android
  • Campus mapping, facilities and asset management
  • Developing applications for public art and historic sites (Irish Christian and BCE sites)
  • Parish neighborhood demographics
  • UAV mapping with quadcopters and balloon mapping


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